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We have been breeding Dobermans for over 40 years. We are not big breeders and may only have one litter a year. We are members in good standing with the Doberman Pinscher Club of America and we are long time members of our local obedience club where each of our dogs have gone for training. Over the years our children have shown our dogs in 4-H.

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The Dobermann - online magazine about dobermann full of doberman puppies males females kennel presentations articles interviews and many more.

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Her reviews are great, and a pleasure to talk to. Can't wait to get our new member of the family. Thanks everyone, very excited, we decided to go with Denmar Dobermans, out near Pittsburgh PA.

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Breeder , Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world. Superb temperament German Shepherd puppies for loyal family companionship and family and personal protection. Trained German Shepherds for K9 sports, law enforcement, family and personal protection and therapy dogs.

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